We will start processing your order as soon as we receive your signed sales contract. The property’s history will be provided by our attorney or an outside abstractor. Documentation pertaining to taxes, HOA fees, surveys, loan payoffs, and other legal documents needed.

Title Exam

It is the responsibility of the escrow closer to evaluate the title examination and ensure that any liens, encumbrances, and defects in the title have been removed. A title insurance policy commitment will be issued.

Document Preparation

The closing statements and costs are calculated after the escrow closer evaluates the deed, mortgage, and other legal papers. Depending on whether the deal is being funded or paid for in cash, the closing documents might be either an ALTA Settlement Statement or a HUD-1 Settlement. A closing date will be set and scheduled.

The Closing

Both the buyer and the seller sign the title and loan paperwork at closing. Deed of conveyance, mortgage loan note, and deeds of trust are all part of the transaction. On the day of closing, both the lender and the buyer will wire us the closing funds.

After Closing

After the closing takes place, the deed and deed of trust are delivered to the county Register of Deeds. Real estate broker commissions, vendor invoices, and HOA dues are all paid out of the funds. After the recording of the deed and mortgage, the owner’s title insurance policy will be issued and delivered to the buyer.

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